What to avoid when designing a website

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  • What to avoid when designing a website

What to avoid when designing a website:

Please avoid the following things while desiging new Website

1)Choose Proper hostingĀ  and hosting plan

Hosting plays an important role so while making the website please choose proper hosting which has good support because if something goes wrong with your website their support can help you. Also choose proper hosting plan which has suitable RAM, CPU and ROM which will handle your traffic with high speed because your website speed helps ranking your website very fast on the google. So please choose proper hosting and hosting plan while making your website.

2)Choose Proper theme

If your are making website CMS i.e Content management system like WordPress then you need to choose proper theme which takes less number of request. Initially I was using Human theme which takes more than 100 request to load my webiste in the browser which was increasing website loading time in the browser so now I am using neve theme which takes 10-20 request to load website in the browser that is the one reason my webiste loads faster. So if your are making website using wordpress then please choose proper theme which takes less number of request.

Just serach on Google Fastet theme for wordpress on Google and choose theme for your website.

3)Keep optimized images

If you are adding images on your webiste then please add compressed images on your website because if you are adding images with high quality then your website loads slower. And loading website slower affects your google ranking so please add compressed images on your website which will help to load website faster.

4)Do not put link

While making website please don’t put link at the start of your web page this is because if you are putting link and if people are clicking on that link then within very less time your website traffice goes from your website to another website so time spend by user on your website is very less. Time spend by user on your website also helps in ranking your website so please avoid putting links at the start of webpage which is shown below.

What to avoid when designing a website

5)Remove broken links

Whenever we write new post we sumbit URL of that post to google search console right. So broken links are the links or URLS which you submitted on google search console but such links are not available on your website hosting. So whenever user visitsĀ  broken link they get error message like Error 404 Resource not Found . So please avoid broken links of your website. If so many broken links are there on website that also affects your website ranking performance so please remove broken links of your website from Google Search Console.

6)Avoid visiting span bots to website

Bots means programmtic traffic visiting to your website. If bots visiting to your website then that will also affects drastic ranking of your website. So please block spam bots to visiting to your website.


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