What is framework

What you will learn here about framework

  • What is framework or what is framework in programming language
  • Real time example of framework
  • Why we use framework
  • Should I use framework or not

1)What is framework or What is framework in programming language

Basically Framework is the collection of Interfaces, abstract classes, implementation classes, Helper methods etc. What framework says, “Hey you just tell me what do you need, I will give you but don’t ask me how it happens.” There are different types of framework and each framework is responsible for performing specific kind of function or we can say each framework has certain limitations. For example human spectacles have frame and this frame decides the boundary or limitation of the glass which is inside the frame of spectacles which is shown below. Similar way each framework has certain limitations or certain boundaries of functionality. For example Bootstrap is the front end or UI development framework and node JS is server side framework etc. Now we can’t use Bootstrap framework to build backend and node JS framework to build UI. Both framework have different functionalities and different limitations. Now the question comes in mind, Who defines the boundaries or limitations of framework ? The boundaries or limitations of framework is defined by the developers who has written the framework.

What is framework

2)Real time example of framework

Let’s take the example of Swiggy.  Swiggy is the best example to understand what the framework is. Just consider Swiggy is the framework whose job or function is to receive food orders from customers and deliver food to the customers. So what Swiggy says, “Hey you just give me order, I will deliver order to you and enjoy the food but don’t ask how we are doing. “Now what you have to understand here is Swiggy has certain limitations or boundaries, such as you can only order food from Swiggy, but you can’t order Clothes or electronic items. So Swiggy is only limited to food delivery not more than that. Similar way each framework has limited functionalities or boundaries within those limits that particular framework works.
Real time example of framework

3)Why we use framework

1)Framework reduces our development time
2)Reduces the code size

4)Should I use framework or not

Yes, you should learn the frameworks because framework reduces your development time. Even companies prefer people who know frameworks because it will reduce development time as well as code size.



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