How web application works

What you will learn here about Web Application

  • How web application works

How web application works

Here we will see how web application works

Components Invovles:

1)User – One who makes request to Web Application resources i.e Webpages using browser

2)Server – One who sends response for web application request

3)Web Application (delpoyed on Server) – It’s  software program which is responsible for serving static web pages

Simple Web Application system is shown below


User is making request to form the browser which is shown below. server receives request for the requested URL and Check if requested URL is valid or not. On the server different web pages kept and each web page has unique URL which is shown below. In below image user is making request for

How web application works

Since user has made request for and its valid request. So server has sent corresponding reponse that user can see in the browser which is shown below. If requested URL is not valid then server sends HTTP 404 resource not found ERROR.

How does web application works

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