Daily used vocabulary

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Daily used vocabulary

what is your name? : what is your name

what are you doing? : what are you doing

what do you want? : what do you want

what does he want? : what does he want

what do you do? : what do you do

what does your father do? : what does your father do

what is your home address? : what is your home address

what is your hobby? : what is your hobby

what is your favorite movie? : what is your favorite movie

what is your favorite actor? : what is your favorite actor

what are you talking about? : what are you talking about

what should I eat? : what should I eat

what should I do? : what should I do

what is this? : what is this?

what did you hear? : what did you hear

what did you speak? : what did you speak

what did you buy? : what did you buy

what did you sell? : what did you sell

what is your school name? : what is your school name

what is your mobile number? : what is your mobile number

what is your favorite color? : what is your favorite color

what is there? : what is there

what are you cooking? : what are you cooking

what are you eating? : what are you eating

what are you making? : what are you making

what makes you happy? : what makes you happy

what is he talking about? : what is he talking about

what is the price of your mobile? : what is the price of your mobile

what is the problem? : what is the problem