Daily use English sentences

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Daily use English sentences

How : How

how are you? : how are you

how is he? : how is he

how to make tea? : how to make tea

how to start? : how to start

how to make pizza? : how to make pizza

How to solve the problem? : How to solve the problem

how to use the washing machine? : how to use the washing machine

how to order online? : how to order online

how did he get rich? : how did he get rich

how to get rich? : how to get rich

how can I help you? : how can I help you

how can I solve the problem? : how can I solve the problem

How can I reach home? : How can I reach home

How can I make tea? : How can I make tea

How can I apply for leave? : How can I apply for leave

How to make him happy? : How to make him happy

How to make the boss happy? : How to make the boss happy

how to earn money? : how to earn money

how to pass the exam? : how to pass the exam

how to watch online movie? : how to watch online movie

how to start business? : how to start business