Steps to Install thingsboard on windows

Here we will see how to install Thingsboard on Windows machine or computer or laptop.

Steps for installing Thingsboard on Windows

1)To run thingsboard on windows machine or computer you need a java. To install a java, please click on the following link.
Installing java on windows

2)Please Click on the following link and  go to Thingsboard service installation section , Click on installation archive to download thingsboard.
Download Thingsboard

3)Extract the downloaded file. Here downloaded thingsboard file is extracted in C drive.

4)This step is optional. If you want to modify thingsboard data listening port then open thingsboard.yml file in notepad++ and modify mqtt port.

5)Open Command Prompt as Administrator. Steps given below.
Search command Prompt in your computer -> Right click on command prompt -> Run as Administrator

6)Navigate to Thingsboard folder. To navigate use following command. Here thingsboard is installed in c drive .
cd c:\thingsboard

Execute the  following command to install to thingsboard
install.bat —–loadDemo

7)If you get below message means Thingsboard installed successfully.

8)To start thingsboard service , please the execute the following command
net start thingsboard

9) Now open any browser and enter following url and hit enter
For the first time it takes time to open thinsgboard. If it’s not opening in first attempt  try after  2 minutes again

Default login details are:
Password: sysadmin
Click on LOGIN

10)After successful login click on TENANTS and then click on  User shown in below image

11)Now click on Plus sign shown below

12)Enter user login details.
Email: enter your email address

13) Copy the User activation link and paste in browser to set password for user account

14)Enter password for User account and click on CREATE PASSWORD

15)Congrats you have successfully installed thingsboard on windows .

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    • admin says:

      Tell me exactly what is problem? You can try following things to solve the problem.
      1)Thingsboard runs on port 8080.if anything running on port 8080 then thingsboard will not start. You need to install thingsboard on different port (see step 4 mentioned above) or stop the service which is running on port 8080.
      2) Open command prompt in administration mode to start service

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