SNMPWALK operation is performed by the SNMP manager. The SNMPWALK operation will give you all the values of your MIB attributes in a single operation. Basically, SNMPWALK operation is performed when the SNMP manager wants all the attributes of a device.


SNMPWALK operation is performed SNMP MANAGER whenever he wants information from SNMP AGENT which is shown below.


Assuming You have an SNMP manager. If you don’t have SNMP manager please click on below link to download the SNMP manager.

1)User needs to enable SNMP AGENT Service of computer or laptop. If you don’t know, how to enable it please click on the below link.
Enable SNMP Agent Service

2)Now open Your SNMP manager.

3)Assuming you know how to load MIB file and You have loaded MIB2. If you don’t know please click on below link to know, how to load MIB.

4)Now please follow the following steps  for getting leaves of the branch which  shown in the image:
a)Choose address as localhost
b)Select branch
c)Choose operation as WALK
d)Click on Go


1)Can I write my own SNMP agent?

Yes, you can write your own SNMP manager.

2)Why the SNMP agent address is localhost?

This is because the agent is running on the same system where my SNMP manager is running.

3)Is it mandatory that the SNMP manager and SNMP Agent should be on the same system?

No, It is mandatory.

Please click on the below link to become master in SNMP.

Master SNMP Protocol

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