SNMP Manager

SNMP manager is the one who requests the information to SNMP Agent. SNMP manager is available in the software form that you need to install in your system or laptop or computer. Here we will see how to install SNMP manager on windows system.

Download and Install SNMP Manager

Below steps for downloading and installing the SNMP manager is Given:
1)Click on the below link to download free SNMP manager.

2)Now to click on MIB Browser Personal Edition which is shown below.

3)Click on I Accept to accept the licenses which is shown below.

4)To Download SNMP manager click on the setup.exe which is shown below.

5)Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded setup.exe file and allow the application to run on your system.

6)Now Click on I Agree which is shown below.

7)Now Click on Next which is shown below.

8)Now Click on Install which is shown below.

9)Now Click on Close which is shown below.

10)Now Click on Yes to open SNMP manager which is shown below.

11)Your SNMP manager UI or Control panel is shown below.

Congrats you have Successfully installed SNMP manager on your system. The above installed manager is a third party manager means it’s already written by someone else.

Common Doubts

Is it mandatory to use a third-party SNMP manager?

NO, It is not mandatory. You can also implement your own SNMP manager using programming languages like java.

Please click on the below link to become master in SNMP.

Master SNMP Protocol

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