SNMP Enterprise OID

SNMP Enterprise OID is required when you are using SNMP for enterprise application or commercial application.

If you are a student or using SNMP for educational purpose then there is no need for Enterprise OID. Here we will see how to generate SNMP Enterprise OID.

SNMP Enterprise OID steps

1)First, click on the below link to register SNMP Enterprise OID.
SNMP Enterprise OID

2)Please fill your details which are shown below and click on Submit which is shown below.

3)If you want to make any changes then please click on the Make Changes else click on Confirm which is shown below.

4)Once you click on Confirm you will get the message as the Request is submitted which is shown below

5)Once your request is submitted you will receive the email from IANA for confirmation of your PEN.  please sign in to your entered mail and click on the confirmation link in the received mail which is shown below

6)Now please click on Confirm for the final confirmation which is shown below

7)Once you click on Confirm your PEN request gets confirmed. IANA will send you the email of your allocated enterprise OID number within 2-3 days.

8)After 2-3 days you will get an email from IANA regarding allocated Enterprise OID number. In the mail, they will give a link you just have to click on that link to see your allocated PEN number which is shown below.

9)Once you click on the above link, IANA will send you one more email in which they will mention your PEN number which is shown below. Once you get PEN number, it will get updated on the IANA website within an hour. To see your PEN  please click the link given in the email.

Please click on the below link to become master in SNMP.

Master SNMP Protocol

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