SNMP AGENT is the one who accepts the SNMP operation request from the SNMP MANAGER and sends the response back to the SNMP MANAGER. User needs to implement or install SNMP agent on the device which is to be monitor. Whenever the SNMP manager wants an attribute or a parameter value, the SNMP manager will make the SNMP operation request (GET, GETNEXT, GETBULK, GETSUBTREE, SNMPWALK, etc) by using the respective OID of the corresponding attribute. Whenever SNMP manager makes SNMP operation request to SNMP agent, on the reception of SNMP request, SNMP agent will first check whether requested OID is valid or not. If OID is valid then SNMP agent will send the response including attribute name and attribute value to the SNMP manager. Devices which supports SNMP protocol  are Laptop, computer, router, switches etc.


1)How to install SNMP AGENT on Laptop or Computer or Router or Switch?

You don’t need to install SNMP agent on above mentioned devices. ABove mentioned devices have inbuilt agent, you just have to enable the SNMP agent functionality of above mentioned devices.

2)How to Enable SNMP AGENT on Laptop or Computer?

Please follow the following steps for enabling the SNMP agent on the laptop or computer.

1)First, you have to enable SNMP agent service on your computer or laptop. To enable SNMP agent service, please open task manager and click on Services which is shown below. To open task manager press control + Shift + Esc.

2)Now check for SNMP Service which is shown below.

3)To start SNMP service either click on start or right click on SNMP Service and then click on start which is shown below.

3)Can I write my own SNMP agent?

Yes, you can write your own SNMP agent.

Please click on the below link to become master in SNMP.

Master SNMP Protocol

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