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  • Connect 3g dongle to raspberry pi

Here we will see how to connect 3G dongle to raspberry pi using sakis 3g script. 100% this sakis 3g script helps connecting 3G dongle to raspberry pi to get internet for raspberry PI.

Please make sure that you have connected Dongle to raspberry pi and it has internet.

Connect 3g dongle to raspberry pi

Please follow the following steps to know how to connect 3g dongle to raspberry pi.

1)First please click on the following link to download the steup files required to connect 3G dongle to raspberry pi

Download 3G dongle setup Files (2514 downloads)

2)Unzip the downloaded file

3)Now please upload the unzip file on the raspberry PI or ignore if you have already uploaded

4)Assuming You have above downloaded unzip dongel folder on your Desktop of raspberry pi

5)Now please navigate to dongle folder using following command (Assuming dongle folder is available in the Desktop)

sudo /Desktop/dongle

6)Please execute the following command to update the existing packages on raspberry pi

sudo apt-get update

7)Now please execute following command to check wheather dongle is detected or not which is shown below


raspberry pi 3g dongle setup

8)Assuming Dongle is detected

9)Please execute the following command to install mode switch

sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch

10)Please execute the following command to install point to point switch

sudo apt-get install ppp

11)Please execute the following command unzip sakis3g

sudo tar -xzvf sakis3g.tar.gz

12)Please execute the following command to make sakis3g executable

sudo chmod +x sakis3g

13)Follow this step only when if dongle is in mass storage mode ( Please check step 7 ). If dongle is in modem mode then do not need to follow this step.

Modeswitch assignment for allocated port number which is shown below

sudo usb_modeswitch -v 12d1 -p 14fe -V 12d1 -P 14fe

14)Please execute the following command to run sakis3g interactive mode

sudo ./sakis3g --interactive

15)Now please choose following options

Connect with 3G > USB device > Your modem name >interface #1

16)If it is asking choose APN then please select reported by your modem which is shown below
Connect 3G dongle to raspberry pi

17)Enter new APN_USER name which is shown below

18)Enter new password which is shown below

19)Wait till it gets connected to Internet

Please Follow the following steps for Auto reconnect of Dongle

1)Assuming you are able to connect with internet using above steps

2)Execute the following command to unzip umts skipper

sudo tar -xzvf umtskeeper.tar.gz

3)Execute the following command to give executable permission to umts skipper

sudo chmod +x umtskeeper

4)You should know following paramter before we execute auto connect command

CUSTOM_APN=''  #reported at step 16
APN_USER='user'              #Entered in step 17
APN_PASS='user'              #Entered in step 18
USBMODEM:12d1:14fe           #Check step 7

5)Now please execute the following command to edit rc.local file

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

6)Add following line before exit in rc.local file
Please modify following things with your details before you save in rc.local file

/home/pi/Desktop/dongle/umtskeeper --sakisoperators "USBINTERFACE='1' OTHER='USBMODEM' USBMODEM='12d1:14fe' SIM_PIN='1234' APN='CUSTOM_APN' CUSTOM_APN='' APN_USER='user' APN_PASS='user'" --sakisswitches "--sudo --console" --devicename 'Huawei' --log --nat 'no'

5)Press Ctrl + X and type y and hit Enter to save the changes.

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