Python read json file

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  • Python read JSON file
  • Python read nested JSON

Python read JSON file

Please follow the following steps to know how to read JSON file in python and How to read nested JSON file in python

1)Please download the following python code which will read JSON file data in python
JsonReadPython (608 downloads)

2)Now please unzip the downloaded code

3)Now please open the unzip code with your python IDE

4)In downloaded code python code and JSON file, both are kept in the same folder which is shown below
JSON file and python in same folder

5)downloaded user.json file is shown below
JSON file python

6)In python code following line will open the user.json file in python.

Since python code and user.json file both are in the same folder I have entered only file name which is shown below. If python code and JSON file are not in the same folder then please enter the full path of your JSON file

read JSON file in python

7)Following lines of code will read normal JSON as well as nested JSON which is shown below
Python read JSON file

8)Now please run the python code. Once you run the python code you will see the following kind of output
Python read nested JSON

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