What is Port Number in networking

What you will learn here about the port number in networking:

  • What is port number in networking
  • Port number ranges

What is port number in networking?

Basically Port or Port Number is an integer number which help us to get connect to a particular server on the system. System can be laptop, computer, tablet, etc.

Port Number ranges

Port numbers in networking are divided into three 3 ranges i.e.

  1. Well known ports
  2. Registered ports
  3. Private ports

Port number ranges is shown below.
port number ranges

1)Well known ports

Port numbers in the range between 0 and 1023 are called as Well known Ports. List of common well known port is given below.

Well known ports

2)Registered Ports

Port numbers in the range between 1024 and 49151 are called Registered Ports. For example, Apache tomcat server is registered with port number 8080.

3)Private Ports

Port numbers in the range between 49152 and 65535 are called Private Ports. Private ports are reserved for future implementation purposes.

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