How to access the router Setup page

While working with networking, we come to a situation where we want to modify routers setting for following mentioned reasons or When you buy a new router it comes with default configurations and you want to modify those configurations then you need a router’s access. Here we will see how to access the router’s admin page and how to modify the router’s services.

Routers services easily modify from router’s ADMIN page:
1)Changing WiFi SSID and Password.
2)Changing Router IP address
3)Making router’s access as Open Access.
4)Enabling or Disabling DHCP server.
5)Checking how many devices are connected to the router
6) Blocking devicesĀ from getting connect with router etc

Click me to know, how to modify above mentioned router services

Here steps of TP-LINK router(TL-MR3020) explained but these are common steps to access any router, only you need to use router configurations corresponding to your router.

1)Turn on your router
2)First Check your router, for few routers default settings are written on router. Connect your Computer or Laptop to the router (WiFi) using Default SSID and Default Password(KEY) written on the router. If default settings are not written on the router, check on the internet for default SSID and password for the respective router. Also, check for the default setting IP for your router. Click here to check Login page IP of your router

Example: Following this are written on TP-LINK router(TL-MR3020)
Password or KEY=74376964
The default setting IP= /*default setting ip is not but login page IP*/

3)After connecting to the router, check the IP address of your computer. To check the IP address of your computer please Open Command prompt(Press Windows + R)and enter cmd in Open field and Press enter or click on OK. Now Enter the Command ipconfig on command prompt and hit enter. Now look for IPV4 Address, it should be like 192.168.X.X. If it is showing IPV4 address as 192.168.X.X then skip the steps 4,5 and 6 and start from step 7.
Example: for TP-LINK router(TL-MR3020), IPV4 address should be 192.168.0.X.

4)If assigned IPV4 address is not started from 192.168.X.X then only follow steps 4, 5 and 6. This happens only when DHCP server of router is disabled. For most of the routers by default, DHCP server is disabled.

Now go to following path:
Control panel -> Network and Sharing Center-> Click on Wi-Fi(your SSID name)-> Properties -> Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)->Click on Properties.

5)Now assign a static IP address to your Computer. It should be the same as your login page IP only last byte should be different. For TP-LINK router(TL-MR3020) assigned IP address is, Instead of 15 you can enter any number between 2 and 253. You can’t assign IP address because it’s already assigned to routers login page or gateway.

6)Now again check the IP address of your computer. It should be the same as the assigned static IP address.

7)Open any Browser and type Login page IP address and hit enter.

8)After hitting enter Router default page will open, Enter the Username and Password written on the router default setting and click on the Login. If its not written on your router please check default username and password of your respective router on the internet.
Default Username:admin
Default Password: admin

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