How to open port in Windows

Ports are used to identify particular service on your computer. For different services, there are different ports. For example default port for HTTP is 80. Here we will see how to open port in windows for Mosquitto service (MQTT broker). Default port for mosquitto service is 1883. so we will see how to open port 1883 in windows computer or laptop.

How to open Port in Windows:

If do not know, how to open port in or on windows then please follow the following Steps for opening port in or on windows.
1)Press Windows+R

2)Type firewall.cpl in Open field and Click OK.

3)Click on Advanced settings

4)First click on Inbound Rules and then Click on New Rule

5)To open port, Please select Rule Type as Port and click Next.

6)Select TCP or UDP based on your service. As MQTT service is TCP/IP protcol based service , So TCP is chosen and specify the  port which you want to open in Specific local ports fields and Click on Next

7)Select Allow the connection and click Next

8)Click on Next

9)Enter the name for opening port rule. Here MQTT Service Port is entered  which is shown below. You can give any name.

10)Congrats you have successfully opened 1883 port. you should be able to see name of port opening rule MQTT Service Port in Inbound rules list which is shown below..

how to check port is open in windows

Please follow the following steps to know, how to check port is open in windows.
1)Press Windows + R
2)type cmd and Click OK

3)Enter the Following command to see all the active ports on your windows computer or laptop and hit the Enter

netstat -a

4)If its showing 1883 means Port is successfully opened.

Common Doubts

Can I open multiple ports simultaneously on windows

yes, you can open multiple ports on windows simultaneously. Please see the above video to know, how to open multiple ports on windows simultaneously.

Click for Video: How to open port in Windows

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