Does domain name matter

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Does domain name matter

If you are a beginner and planning to make a new website but you are confused just because you do not know whether the domain name matters or not. If you are confused and you want to know whether domain name matters or not, then you are at the right place.

The answer is, It depends on what kind of website you are trying to make. Now the question comes, How? right that we will see in detail here.

When does domain name matter

Domain name matters when you are trying to make a website where your data or information or content  is changing very frequently. For example, domain name matters when you try to make a website like cricbuzz where data or information or contents keep changing very frequently. Since your content or information is changing very frequently, your job is to rank your website, not the individual webpages.  So if you are trying to make a website where contents is daily or very often then you have to choose domain name related to your idea. For example, We all know Cricbuzz is cricket related website where we can see live cricket score, players profile, Cricket related news, etc. So Cricbuzz founder chose a domain name as Cricbuzz since it has few characters of word cricket. If you just start typing cri in the browser, cricbuzz will come in auto suggestions since it is starting with cri as well as it is ranked keyword which is shown below.
When does domain name matters

when does not domain matter

The domain name does not matter when you are trying to  make blogging websites where your aim is not to rank website rather your aim is to rank individual webpage so that your website can have more traffic. This is the reason when I started making, my aim was not to rank bytesofgigabytes keyword rather my aim was to rank my all blog posts or blog webpage so I can have more traffic on my website. You can check the keyword bytesofgigabytes is ranked or not ranked by entering byteso in the browser and if you are able to see bytesofgigabytes in auto suggestions means bytesofgigabytes keyword is ranked which is shown below.
When does not domain name matters

If you are trying to make a blogging website and looking for domain name related to your content then it’s good but please your aim suppose to not rank your website domain name, your aim should be to the rank webpage. You can enter following query into the browser and you can see the following  ranked results in the browser.
ranking examples

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