Eureka naming server in microservices

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Download below project instead creating new because if versions are different then you will get error in pom.xml

Please click on below link to download sample project for creating naming server in microservices.

Download Eureka naming server sample project (488 downloads)

Eureka naming server in microservices

Please follow the following steps to know how to create Eureka naming server in microservices
1)First create simple maven project

2)Add Eureka server and spring config dependency which is shown below

config dependency


Eureka server dependency


dev tools dependency(Optional)


naming server dependency in microservices

3)Now open and application name, port number and other properties which is shown below

naming server in microservices

4)Now enable eureka server using @EnableEurekaServer annotation which is shown below
Enable eureka naming server

5)Now please run you spring boot application

6)now go to browser and hit localhost:8761 url to see eureka dashboard which is shown below
eureka naming server in microservices

7)If you are able to see above dashboard means naming server is created successfully.

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