how to create an account on google cloud

About creating an account on google cloud:

1. Google provides you a free one-year subscription with $300 (Rs.22000) of free credit valid for one year.
2. Based on the services you use during this one year period, you get charged from your free credits. Google informs you before deducting from your credit for every service you use.
3. When you finish your credit amount, you are free to either close your Google Cloud account or continue by paying for the services you intend to use. Again Google informs you clearly before deducting any money from you.

During the Account creation process, Google will ask for your bank details and will deduct Rs.50 or Rs.60 from your account. This is to verify the authenticity of the details you submitted to Google. So please enter valid bank details while creating an account on Google Cloud.

Follow the following steps for Creating an account on Google Cloud Platform :
1)For creating an account on google cloud, please click on the following link:


3)Sign in with your Existed google account(Gmail, Gsuit, etc). If you don’t have  google account, please create a new google account on Gmail or Gsuit. here signed in with Gmail account.

4)After Successful Sign in.
Select your Country -> Check the I agree box -> Click on Agree & Continue

5) Select Account Type:Individual  or  Business, If its personal select Individual else select Business. Select Tax information as UNREGISTERED INDIVIDUAL, as this is not mandatory field. Please Enter your name and address.

6)Enter your Bank account credentials  which has at least Rs.100 balance. Don’t worry this is only  for Security and Account Activation purpose.

7)Click on -> START MY FREE TRAIL.

Congratulations!!!  You just created an account on GCP. We hope you use this tool to create great things and make a tangible difference in this world.

You can check your available free credits and Free trail Days remaining by clicking on Google Cloud Platform  -> Billing -> View detailed charges -> Overview . If its asking for Enabling Billing say Yes. At the time of  billing enable, Google may charge Rs 50 or 60 from Account for Account validation.

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