Docker Magneta interview questions

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  • Docker Magneta interview questions

Docker Magneta interview questions

The following are most common docker Magneta interview questions and their answers

1)Which is the Docker Command to show the version information of docker components?

  1. docker detail
  2. docker version
  3. docker v
  4. apt-get update

2)Which of the following is true?

  1. docker ps shows all containers by default
  2. docker ps shows all running containers by default

3)- – – – – is a tool for defining and running multi-container docker applications

  1. docker hub
  2. docker file
  3. docker compose

4)Three events that are captured in docker diff command are _ _ _ _ _

  1. U – Update, D – Delete, C – Create
  2. N – New, U – Update, R – Remove
  3. A – Add, D – Delete , C – Change
  4. None of the options

5)Which option can we pass to Docker daemon to assign a docker bridge to a specific IP range?

  1. – -cidr
  2. – -bip
  3. – -network
  4. – -ip- -range

6)Virtual machines are a form of _ _ _ _ _ type of virtualization.

  1. VLAN
  2. Mainframe
  3. Container
  4. Hypervisor

7)Which of the following is another term to describe container virtualization?

  1. Storage virtualization
  2. Hypervisor virtualization
  3. OS level virtualization
  4. Software defined data center

8)Which docker command is used to attach to a running container?

  1. docker login <container>
  2. docker telnet <container>
  3. docker ssh <container>
  4. docker attach <container>

9)Which of the following commands will start a container based on Ubuntu 14.04 base image?

  1. docker run Ubuntu:14.04
  2. docker run ubuntu:14.04
  3. docker run ubuntu -version 14.04
  4. docker run ubuntu -v 14.04

10)What is the command to stop a container?

  1. docker halt <Container>
  2. docker-stop <Container>
  3. Docker-stp <Container>
  4. docker stop <Container>

11)By default, what happens to the docker container when the process it is running exits?

  1. Container reboots and restarts the process
  2. Container continues running in the detached mode with the bash prompt available
  3. Container performs a crash dump
  4. Container exits

12)Which is the Docker command to build a docker image using a docker file in the current directory

  1. docker build .
  2. docker build-image
  3. docker build image

13)By default what mode do docker containers run in?

  1. foreground mode
  2. detached mode

14)Which of the following commands will install the Docker engine (Community edition) in a Centos server?

  1. yum install docker
  2. yum install docker-ce
  3. apt-get install docker
  4. apt-get install docker.i.o

15)What happens when you press Cntrl+P+Q inside the container?

  1. kills the container
  2. Generates s stack trace
  3. Issues print screen on the current contents of the terminal window
  4. Detaches the Docker host terminal from the container

16)Which of the following is the correct way to name a docker file?

  1. DockerFile
  2. Dockerfile
  4. dockerfile

17)What happens when you execute the following command?

docker run debian /bin/sh
  1. A prompt from the shell of the create container will be thrown
  2. A container is created and exited immediately
  3. A container is created and executed in the detached mode
  4. Docker CLI issues an error

18)Docker images have a different state and change with time

  1. False
  2. True

19)Which Dockerfile instruction can be used to install packages to our new image?

  1. CMD
  2. RUN
  3. FROM
  4. apt-get install

20)What is the syntax to mount a ‘/project/data’ directory from the docker host into a directory ‘/data’ in the container

  1. docker run -v /project/data:/data
  2. docker run -volumes from /data:/project/data
  3. docker run -v /data:/project/data
  4. docker run -v from /data:/project/data

21)_ _ _ _ _ is a text document that contains all the commands a user could run on the command line to assemble an image

  1. docker compose
  2. docker kitematic
  3. Docker cloud
  4. Dockerfile

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