Google Cloud

What is Google Cloud, How to create an account on Google cloud,how to create vm instance on google Cloud, install MQTT broker on Google Cloud, install proxy server on Google Cloud, Google Cloud DNS, Reserve static IP on Google Cloud, how to open port on Google cloud.
MQTT Protocol

What is MQTT Protocol, MQTT packet structure, MQTT handshake, how to install MQTT broker on windows, linux, raspberry pi etc. How to install MQTT broker on Google cloud, java MQTT clients, Python MQTT clients, MQTT websockets, real time web application.
Computer Networking

What is IP address, What is port number in networking, How to do subnetting in networking, what is local area network, OSI model, difference between TCP and UDP, Proxy server in networking, Ping is not working , how to open port in windows, how to turn off windows defender firewall.

How to create account on thingsboard, how to create device on thingsboard, how to send data to thingsboard using esp 8266, java and python, Share dashboard on thingsboard, Custom data processing on thingsboard, share dashboard on thingsboard etc.
SNMP Protocol

What is SNMP protocol, what is SNMP manager, what is mib, what is SNMP agent, how to install SNMP service on windows 10, raspberry pi SNMP, esp8266 SNMP agent, Python SNMP trap receiver, Java SNMP trap, Java SNMP agent, Java SNMP manager
Embedded System

Sensing AC supply using micro-controller, Two way switch, what is bit rate and baud rate, example of bit rate and baud rate, difference between c and python, What is Pull up and pull down resistor and how to select value of pull up and pull down resistor.
Website Building

What is domain name and hosting, how to buy domain name and hosting, does domain name matters etc.

Animals vocabulary, birds vocabulary, flowers vocabulary, vegetables vocabulary, school realted vocabulary, office related vocabulary, appraisal related vocabulary, trasportation vocabulary, trasaction related vocabulary, bedroom related vocabulary, farmers related vocabulary.

Install java on windows, Install JDK on windows, How to install apache tomcat on windows etc
Core Java

What is class, what is object, java data types, Keywords in java, Identifier rules, Interface in java, constructor in java, inheritance in java.
Java Programming

Find square root of number, Print square patterns, Number conversion programms, odd even number program, Palindrome program, prime palindrome program, fibonacci series program, factorial of number program.
Java Interview Questions

Why java is platform independent, What is interface in java, what is inheritance in java, Difference between inhetitance and interface.