What is Domain Name and Hosting

The domain name is basically, name of your website. Websites are running on computers and each computer has an IP address. If someone wants to access your website, then he should know the IP address of a computer on which your website is running. For human it’s very hard to remember the IP addresses of websites. What if tomorrow, the website is moved to another computer with a new IP address, then again users have to remember the new IP address to access that website.  A domain name helps you to easily access the website without using the IP address of the website.

In simple words, the domain name is nothing but the name corresponding to the  IP address of the computer on which website is running. When you want to run a new website, you need to buy a domain name. It should be

How to buy a Domain name?

There are various service providers from which you can buy a domain name like GoDaddy, Wix, etc. please click on the below link for buying a domain name from GoDaddy.
Buy a domain name from GoDaddy

Generally Hosting is a place where you can keep all the resources of your website. Website resources such as a server, images, videos, website posts, website pages, text files, etc. In short, when you buy a hosting means you are buying a virtual computer which is connected to the internet where you can keep all your website resources.

Types of hosting:

1)Dedicated Hosting:
In this type of hosting one physical computer gets allocated to you which you can access anywhere from the world. On the allocated computer you can do whatever you want to do like you can install any server, files, videos, etc. Generally, People go for dedicated hosting when they have huge traffic as well as when they want to implement custom applications.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting:
1)Websites or Applications hosted on the dedicated server run faster
2)Customization means you can do all the functionalities which your allocated computer operating system supports.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting:
Highly Expensive

2)VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting:

3)Shared hosting:

4)Cloud Hosting:

How to get hosting?

Now the question comes in mind, how to get hosting. There are various hosting providers such as GoDaddy, Wix, Hosting Raja, etc from which you can buy hosting. So please the respective hosting provider and buy the hosting. Please click on the below link to buy hosting from GoDaddy.
Buy Hosting From GoDaddy

Common Doubts or Questions

1)Should I buy a Domain name and Hosting from the same service provider?
Not compulsory, if you want you can. You can also buy a domain name from one service provider and hosting from another service provider.

2)Can I use Google Cloud or AWS as Hosting?
Yes, you can. when you use Google cloud or AWS as Hosting then everything you have to yourself i.e. installing the server, building an application, deploying an application, etc.

3)How to get hosting Google Cloud?
Creating a VM instance on Google cloud is nothing but getting hosting on Google Cloud. VM instance on Google Cloud is a place where you can deploy all your applications.
Creating a VM instance on Google Cloud

4)Can I make a website on Google Cloud or AWS?
Yes, You can make a website on Google Cloud or AWS. You can use Google Cloud as Hosting to host your website. Only thing is that you need to handle all the things yourself.
Installing Apache Tomcat server on Google Cloud

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