AWS DNS validation GoDaddy

What you will learn here about AWS DNS validation:

  • AWS DNS validation GoDaddy

In order to perform AWS DNS validation, you required a domain name. If you do not know how to buy a domain name from GoDaddy please click on the below link.

How to Buy a domain name

AWS DNS validation GoDaddy

Please follow the following steps to how to perform AWS DNS validation with GoDaddy.

1)First, please log in to your AWS account.

2)Assuming you have selected validation option as a DNS validation for creating an SSL certificate right! If you don’t how to request SSL certificate on AWS then please visit the below

AWS SSL certificate ec2 instance

3)Now we need to create a Zone. So in order to create a zone please click on Services and search for Route 53 which is shown below.
AWS route 53

4)If you are creating a zone for the first time then please click on Get started now under DNS Management which is shown below.
AWS DNS Management
5)Now please enter your domain name and click on the Create which is shown below. Assuming you have a domain name. Please visit the above link if you do not have a domain name.
Create a hosting zone on AWS
6)Now please click on the Created zone which is shown below.
Click on AWS created zone
7)Now we need to add A record which is shown below
AWS add A record
8)Now we need to add CNAME record which is shown below.
AWS add CNAME record
9)Now please sign in to your GoDaddy account

10)Now please click on DNS in front of your domain name which is shown below
AWS dns validation GoDaddy
11)Now please click on Change to change Name Servers which is shown below
AWS add DNS server with Godadday
12)Now add the Name Servers which is shown below
AWS dns validation using Godaddy domain name
13)Once you follow the above steps successfully with half an hour DNS validation will get complete.

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