Creating a dashboard on thingsboard

Assuming you know how to create a device and how to send data to thingsboard. If you don’t know please visit the following links.
Creating a device on thingsboard
Sending data to thingsboard using ESP8266 or NodeMCU
Sending data to thingsboard using Python

1)Here we will  create a dashboard for showing Temperature with analogue gauge.
First select Temperature  and then click on SHOW ON WIDGET

2)Select your widget from Current bundle to display data and then click on ADD TO DASHBOARD

3)Select Create new dashboard
Tick open dashboard
Click on ADD

4)Congrats  you have successfully created your first dashboard on thingsboard.


2)Click on Add new Dashboard
now click on Create new Dashboard
Enter Title and Click on ADD

3)Now Click Anywhere on created dashboard to add data sources and widget.

4)First click on Enter edit mode
Click on Select  entities
click on ADD ALIAS

5)Enter Alias name. It can be anything.
Select filter type as Single entity
Select Type as Device 
Select device name
Click on ADD
Click on SAVE

6)Again click on Enter edit mode
Select widget
Click Anywhere on selected widget

7)Click on ADD
If you want to see past data, please click on Timewindow to modify  time
Select Alias name as entity name which we have created in step 5
Click on Timeseries to select data. Please select data in the same order in which you want to represent
Click on ADD

8) Click on Apply changes. Congrats you have successfully Created a dashboard.

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