How IoT works

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  • How IoT works

How IoT works

IoT stands for Internet of Things. In IoT communication involves three major components or three major blocks which is shown below and those are

  1. User End
  2. Cloud
  3. End Device


How IoT works

User End: The User end involves the mobile application or web application from which we can control the end device anywhere from the world.

Cloud: On the cloud, you have to deploy your respective server which will receive data from User end and send data to the End Device over the internet. Cloud is the backbone of IoT which will allow you to control End device over the internet from anywhere in the world.

End Device: The End device will receive the data from the cloud and control your end device. End device your receiver part which will receive data from the cloud as well as hardware and its control circuitry which is shown below

IoT is not only about a mobile application that will control end devices such as lights or AC or other equipment from a remote place. The IoT also involves controlling end devices such as lights or AC or other equipment from a remote place based on sensor data which is shown below.

how IoT works diagram

How IoT works example

The Example of IoT is shown below. The below example you can implement using MQTT. If you want to know how to master MQTT then please visit the following link.
Master MQTT Protocol
How IoT works example

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