Installing Thingsboard on Google Cloud

Its an open source IOT platform , which allows us data logging, data visualization, creating own dashboards, sharing Dashboards with customer, etc.

Follow the Following steps to Install ThingBoard on Google Cloud:
1)Open your respective SSH terminal
2)Enter in substitute user mode using following command

sudo su
cd ..
cd ..

3)To use ThingsBoard, you need a java version, to install Java, execute following commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install default-jre

while installing Java if its asks you , allow to take space say yes.

4)To check whether java is installed successfully or not,  execute following command

java -version

if its showing java version means java installed successfully

5)Execute following command to download ThingsBoard

sudo wget

6)Downloaded Thingsboard file is in .deb file. To extract .deb file execute following command.

sudo dpkg -i thingsboard-2.2.deb

7)Execute the  following command to install thingsboard

sudo /usr/share/thingsboard/bin/install/ –loadDemo

while installing if it asks you ,allow to take space say yes

8)If it shows thingsboard installed successfully means ThingsBoard installed successfully.

9)Execute the following command to start thingsboard service

sudo service thingsboard start

10)Thingsboard service uses ports 1883 and 8080 . To open ports please click on following link.
Opening port Google cloud

11)After successful opening of ports , To Access ThingsBoard, go to your browser , enter following  URL
Your External IP address of respective VM instance:8080

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